Friday, March 1, 2013

Sydney Day Two

Happy March. We read that summer in Sydney lasts from December through February. We wake to a blustery cool rainy day. It is not summer any more. We decide to take the hop-on hop-off city tour. Some of the tour buses are very old. The roof leaks!  Part way around the circuit we are switched to a new bus. Much nicer. We get off at the connection to the Bondi Beach tour bus and ride to the beach.
Very nice Italian lunch spot

We take half of this food home. The waiter told us the pizzas were sized for one.

 After lunch we thought that despite the rain, we would walk along a walk above the beach, but when we come around a corner we are hit with a blast of wind that almost knocks us down. The surf is up. Way up. But we are not up for this wind. We drop in at a bottle shop to check out prices and talk to the clerk. Liquor store clerks earn $23/hr. And that is Aussie dollars.
high surf

 We catch the bus back and head for the Australian Museum, getting out of the rain. The Indigenous People's exhibit of art and history is important in understanding the history of this nation before Captain Cook. The indigenous people call his arrival "Invasion Day."
nice spider

fish that has eaten plastic bags and golf balls

Australian tiger. Extinct in 1936. Killed because it was thought to be killing sheep.

On to the Sydney Opera House where we sign up for a tour tomorrow and find out that we are just in time for the Mardi Gras Parade and party tomorrow evening.  Who knew?
the iconic bridge

We finish off the day with Korean BBQ.
Waiting in line

Setting the stage

Cooking the meat
 The food was great. After waiting until eight, we were hungry and ate it all!

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