Friday, March 15, 2013

From Rubyanna to Rosslyn Bay

When we were coming back to the B&B after going out to dinner, I saw a particularly ugly tan/yellow toad in the path. Our hostess said it was probably a cane toad. Since that was my first thought, I waited for it to hop away. She said she just kicked them away and had never been bothered by them. We are in the middle of a cane field.
Rubyanna cane fields

Today was a dreadful driving day.  It was hard to go 10 km before there was a road crew. Repairing, rebuilding, there must have been thousands of workers on this stretch of the highway. They have even torn up the roadside rests. We are forced to pull over on a gravel road to relieve ourselves.

We did not stop for anything except to make a sandwich at lunch.  We arrive at Rosslyn Bay Resort at about 4PM.

Oh No! Mr Bill has propped Mr Barry in an open third floor window.  He says Barry will be OK unless there is a gust of wind.

 By 6 we walk out to the ocean and do some beach walking.

A dog had just run by startling me
William is wearing his Thai beach pants

dirty flood foam

Playing in that dirty flood foam

jelly fish. The story we are told is that a resort just north of here bulldozed off all the beach grass, sea turtle habitat.  Now they are over run with jelly fish which the sea turtles used to eat.

I like the pink reflection on the wet sand

there are tons of shells here from tiny to mid size

The brown is sand the light color is shells
 We will hang out here for a few hours in the morning before we head on up the coast.

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