Friday, October 2, 2009

Health Care for Illegals

1. There are ~12 million illegal immigrants in the US.
2. They do require health care at times, so they go to the ER.
3. They can't pay, so hospitals eat the cost, but must treat them anyway.
4. Hospitals pass the costs on to paying customers.
5. Even with a mandate for all to buy insurance, illegals are generally too poor to buy regular insurance.
6. You can't enforce a mandate with illegals as even though they may pay taxes through an employer they could not file a tax form with a bad SS #. So no chance for a penalty.
7. Could a cheap enough insurance be offered so that illegals could buy it without a subsidy?
8. But the cheapest insurance would be a public option and they apparently will not be able to buy this even if a subsidy is not offered. Even though it is supposed to be pay as you go.
What is the answer?