Friday, January 20, 2017

On the road again

This morning there was a bit of wet snow. The snow plow rumbled down the street, so we knew all was okay for our departure. We drove over to Hertz to pick up the rental car. I drove home quickly to meet Valerie. She was going to say goodbye, drop off some sox for me that Ben had outgrown and get some last minute instructions for watching the house. Bill drove up in a big dual cab 4WD truck. We got an upgrade, aka this truck is wanted in San Francisco.
Valerie showed us a few pictures from her house. She was inside the snowline.

Before she left she took a picture of us with our bit of snow.

The drive to San Francisco was pretty uneventful. Google maps did take us off of 80 at one point to get around an accident.
We got to our favorite preflight lunch restaurant with plenty of time to spare. The Kitchen in Millbrae closes for lunch at 2:30. This is a very authentic Chinese restaurant. Mostly Chinese eating here. We chose three small tapas-like dishes.
Steamed shrimp dumplings, salt and pepper dried squid and pan-fried fish chunks.

 The flavors were extraordinary. I could pictures that fish wriggling under the cleaver as the chef chopped it into chunks. You did have to be careful of the bones. And the fins were tasty, but unusual.
We fly out of SFO at 9:25 am and land at 10 PM the next day in Chennai, India. It takes a long time to fly around the world.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hike around Gull Lake and festival

September 30, 2016

Yesterday was a hike around Gull Lake

Today October 1 was the June Lake Autumn Beer Festival.
Maybe we are staying longer as it looks like we can't beat the upcoming tiny storm.
We made it home. But I forgot to post this. So I'll have to do it now to clear the decks for all my posts on our long trip. We fly out for far away on January 21st. More to come.