Monday, August 29, 2011

Coyote Dreams

In August of 2011 William and I were on a houseboat cruise with friends to celebrate Barrie's 70th birthday. The first night we slept inside on a fold down bed and found it somewhat uncomfortable. We had brought a blowup mattress and William decided instead of putting it up on top of the fold out bed we would put it out on the front deck. We were tied up close to the shore with the bottom of the boat front actually touching the slope.
The night was quite dark. In the middle of the night I felt an animal come close to my face. I reached out and touched deep fur and pushed it away. I woke again a bit later to feel it curled up near my legs on top of the bed. Again I pushed it away and felt it sort of jump over William and leave.
In the morning I mentioned the animal and at the time thought it must have been a cat as I had never had any other animal other than a cat in my bed. Everyone thought I must have been dreaming, but I wondered about that.
If you are sleeping on a houseboat, would you dream that you are sleeping on a houseboat? I also thought that the animal I felt could not have been a cat as it was too large, the fur was too deep and there was no purring.
Coyotes will sleep anywhere that it is comfortable. I think I looked like a good place to sleep to a coyote. The trickster strikes again.