Friday, March 29, 2013

Slow touring in Christchurch

Today was a slow day of ambling through the Botanic Gardens in Christchurch and touring the museum.
We can spend a full day doing activities like this. A lot of the town was out doing the same thing as everything else is closed on the official holiday of Good Friday.  Only the garden stores stay open and just pay the fine the government levies for opening on the holiday. A few restaurants open but charge a 15% holiday tax.

I am turning on the water to run this kinetic water sculpture.

William liked the World Peace bell. It had a nice tone.
Trees are a favorite. Living or stumps.

I was looking for Stuart Little, but he was not on board today.

A big droopy evergreen

Holding up a tree

Sitting on a Gigantea. One of many in a row.
Maori carving

Guess what happened to the now extinct giant Moa?

In Fred and Myrtles Paua Shell House.

Me and Moa skeletons. No fore limbs at all and weird pelvic structure.

We walk through more of the gardens as we head back to the car.  

the river Avon
This town was a celebration of all things English.  They are going to try to bring the town more up to date with post earthquake planning.  They plan to take advantage of the river that curls through the town with bike and people paths. 
Tomorrow we head to Mt. Cook. Captain Cook is as revered here as he is in Australia. 

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