Saturday, March 16, 2013

From Rosslyn Bay to Sarina

Sarina? Why would anyone stay in Sarina? Mainly because all the hotels in Mackay are sold out due to a Kiss concert tonight.

We stayed around Rosslyn Bay this morning and hiked up to the headland to get a view of the ancient volcano. I need to remember to put on mosquito repellent when walking in the bush.
no hiking with cats! or dogs

Rosslyn Bay is the crater of an ancient volcano

If the tide had been higher, you could have seen the sea splashing through the arch  to the right

Behind William you can see an old lava formation
Then we walked along the beach. Some trees have spread floating seeds that leave intricate patterns on the sand.
seeds on the sand
Driving north. There is a big problem apparently with people falling asleep while driving. Signs encourage you to stop and take a break every two hours. Signs ask you trivia questions to keep you alert. And clever sayings encourage alertness.  So I took some sign pictures as we fly by.
stop revive survive

Survive this drive

Break the drive, stay alive
Then the signs pop up about road work.
Roadwork ahead next 10 kms

road work ahead
But thankfully it is Saturday and the road workers have a strong union. They are not working and all the equipment is parked. You are still supposed to slow down, but we go at a safe speed. Not 60 kph. The equivalent of 35 mph.
But then here is a worker with a stop sign. What is going on? A truck driver carrying maybe crushed cars fell asleep at 10 AM and rolled his truck!

William gets out to find out what is going on.

I can't see much by this right hand driver.  William tells me the cab was not too damaged. They were trying to load the cab and some rubble onto a big flat bed.
We land in Sarina in a motel that is kind of a seventies throwback.  William hangs out around the pool and makes me come in for a dip.
Tomorrow we are off for three nights at Airlie Beach. Pronounced Airee.

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