Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Still at Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays

A walk down to Headland Park is just a stroll.  The jellyfish warning signs are everywhere. If someone is stung, anyone is supposed to provide first aid. Dump on vinegar provided in the bottle on the side of the sign, begin CPR if needed and call for emergency aid. Dial 000 in Australia.

That is why we had to wear the stinger suits yesterday. You had your choice of stinger suit or wet suit. Since the water was about 85 degrees and the stinger suits are lighter weight, we chose them.

That is why the beaches are deserted and the swimmers are in the filtered sea water pools provided. I am headed there soon.
deserted beach


another wreck

weird leaves on this big tree

There was a housing boom and bust on the coast in the last few years. The Beacons, a small private development on the way to Headland Park, only has three houses. One possibly done by the developer, one unfinished and one that looks like a holiday house.  Some of the lots are now selling, some at auction.  Probably at much lower prices. William says up to 40% of the sales of coastal property in recent years has been at a loss.
end of the road here at headland park
after a sudden burst of rain we look for cover
We stop at a shop on the way back and buy more Aboriginal paintings. I like the hypnotic quality of these. Brings you into the dream.

had to slightly trim the photos so the full paintings do not show. But I didn't like the counter showing
A beer with lunch has the taste and smell of Miller Lite. Mildly skunk-like.

Got to get ready for a dip.

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