Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Terrigal to Nelson Bay

Tiarri Terrigal Beach House actually has a laundry. We haven't seen a washing machine since leaving California at the end of January. All our clothes are sink washable, but still. I wash almost all my clothes.

We decide to go low on dinner, so we make our way to the Bowling Club. It is a lawn bowling club. But where they play I can't say as there is no lawn.  What they do have is a bar, slot machines, bingo and inexpensive very good food. Mostly locals eat here. The rules are loose. You have to first "join" for free as a temporary member by filling out a form.  You are then free to order food in a cafeteria looking dining hall and buy a good but inexpensive cold beer in the bar. Such a deal.  Better than going to such as the "Chait Noir" and paying through the nose for "French" food.

After dinner we head to the beach. We are drawn by some really good drumming and some less than perfect fire twirling. Then someone sets off the burglar alarm in the surf lifeguard building. No one turns it off, so we leave.

In the morning we drive out to the headland and walk out for the view.  Few people are here. This is midweek in a slow season.  If there are any other "foreigners" out here walking, I'll eat my hat.

 We set out to drive up the coast. We choose not to go on the superhighway but to stay close to the shore. This works as there is not much traffic and our route is fairly simple. Reminds me a lot of driving down the Florida keys. Sometimes water on both sides. Sometimes bush on both sides. Sometimes small towns. We see a Cole's Grocery store in every town and a Darby's fresh hot pies. The pies are such as chicken or steak. We stop at a Cole's to return an item and to shop for more lunch food.  You can feel the temperature drop when you walk under these sails. Just like Celebration Park in Allen, TX.
We stop to picnic at Caves Beach. We make our sandwiches in a covered picnic area. Some intrepid hikers about our age show up with their small day packs and break out their lunches. These people look tough. They have probably been hiking on the beach all morning. One woman who bears a resemblance to Dame Judith Dench is just totally soaked with sweat.  We walk out to the beach and walk a short ways where William finds a cave. The water is surprisingly cool. After we land at our lodging in Nelson Bay, the proprietor tells us all the runoff from the recent rains has cooled the water. It will warm up. I think about wading in the Arctic Ocean last summer and the Tasman sea in the Australian Fall.

The cave at cave beach

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