Monday, March 11, 2013

From Yamba to Byron Bay

We drive down to Angourie to look at the green and blue pools. Old quarry sites that fill with fresh water from springs.

Diver 1/2 way up the cliff
 Blue and green pools
Pandanus trees

Then we head up to the coastal tourist road at Ballina.  We are getting used to carefully looking at the map and memorizing a few larger town names so we can head the right way on the roads.  We stop to fix lunch at  Lennox Head. This is a famed surfer beach, but they took a look at the foamy brown dirty water left from the floods and went elsewhere.

Byron Bay is quite crowded and there are no parking places near the beach, other than pay parking and the lighthouse wants $7 to park at the top. So we head to Ruskin House. William lounges outside and I am inside.

We will try to see more of Byron Bay in the morning.

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