Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sydney Day One

We had a few stops planned in Chiang Rai, but we wound up staying at the hotel until time to go to the airport because of a problem with a ceramic shipment earlier in the week. We had a number of phone calls and emails and had to leave Thailand with the issue not really resolved.

Sign in Chiang Rai airport.  Did I mention that Thailand is around 95% Buddhist?

Our flight from Bangkok to Sydney is overnight. So no sleep last night. I feel not really up to anything.  Even on an upscale airline like Emirates, pronounced Emritz, that gives you good food and cute little packs that contain sleep sox, mask and toothbrush, you cannot sleep in economy. There is no room and various parts of your body fall asleep, but not you.

We take the rip-off airline train to near our hotel. $15 apiece for 4 stops when you get on at the airport.  $3.20, if you were going to get on one stop before the airport.

We are at the edge of Chinatown, which is where we will go for dinner.  We are getting serious sticker shock in Sydney. And we haven't seen any kangaroos roaming the street yet.

This is a modest hotel, but it has a small private outdoor patio here on the third floor.  It is meant to be a smoking area, but maybe we can think of a better use for it.
William took some shots on the roof.

The hotel pool

looking down on central station
Hopefully I feel more lively this evening.

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