Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bangkok on Valentine's Day

We woke up late and broke our fast on some black instant coffee, all that was left of the coffee and tea service in the room. We had planned to go to the Palace and Temple complex nearby. But when we arrive by taxi at the palace we are told that there is a Valentine's Day ceremony goung on at the palace and both it and the nearby temple are closed until noon.  We decide to take a tuk tuk to some other nearby temples.  The temples were lovely but interspersed were some shopping stops where our driver I am sure got some sort of cut.  I got a couple of not too expensive pretty things and william got a couple of shirts.  The heat is becoming opressive and I long for an icey shower.  We head back to the hotel by taxi and may hit the pool later. The heat in Bangkok is such that even though this is technically winter, you can only sightsee before noon and at night. High today of 93, low of 79. High tomorrow of 100. We had an orange juice and a few nuts and will just have an early dinner.  The streets are in very good repair and everything looks quite clean.  There is air polution, but not too bad.
beautiful golden Buddha

 The Thai people really love gold leaf. This huge Buddha is covered.
 The leaf is a bit worn off his feet, but people bring more to stick on.


The marble temple had a huge collection of larger than life size bronze statues around the courtyard that came from historical wats.

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