Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to Chiang Rai

The sun casts a golden path across the Mekhong River.

We begin the day with a trip to the border of Thailand and Myanmar.  Many people come here to shop on the assumption that prices are cheaper here. Our guide says not really. We walk through a warren of shops and buy a few things. Good thing we have a guide. Just like Walmart in its hugeness and the fact that most of the products are made in China.  Just add in motorcycles driving on the narrowest of lanes and cars, trucks and handcarts where ever they will fit. All of these shops will be packed up when the river that divides the two countries rises in the rainy season.

The river and bridge that divides the two countries

On the far side of the bridge. Welcome to Myanmar

Then on to the monkey cave temple.  Monkeys wonder around. There is a Buddha image out front that has him in a different aspect than I have ever seen. He is setting out for a journey with his bag, staff and umbrella.

Cave part

traveling Buddha

Our last stop on this Thai journey is to a home that was built high in the mountains for the King Mother. She had expressed a desire to live in Switzerland, so they built her a home that looks a little Swiss. She lived here, gardened, did ceramics and needlework until she died at the age of 95 in 1995.  She was well loved by the Thai people and the house and grounds have become a shrine to her. They have even named the airport in Chiang Rai after her.
The King Mother
Her vaguely Swiss house

She loved flowers

Some walkways were of split bamboo that gives when you walk over it. 

William in the lady slippers

Tomorrow we will tour around Chiang Rai on our own a bit and then head to the airport. Next stop Sydney.

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