Saturday, February 2, 2013

On to Amritsar

In the dark there is dickering with the porters over the price per bag, I wish there was less dickering and that we just moved off into the station as the bags are sitting in a large damp place that smells like urine,

The porters balance the bags on their heads and set off at a fast pace.  Due to who knows why we are separated in different cars in groups of 6.
In the train station

Near the tracks is a lot of slum housing. No facilities here, People squat in the railroad right of way to do their morning business.  Others sort trash from huge white woven plastic bags.  Pigs and dogs rummage around.  My theory is that the pigs and dogs recycle the waste until the protein content is negligible. Possibly keeping things cleaner as we have seen few flies.  Though it is trashy, mostly plastic trash.

Further out in the country a herd of camels waits at the crossing.  Two people work harvesting a small field of sugar cane.  The fields are deliciously green.

A few of us went to the border with Pakistan to watch the ceremony for the changing of the guard.
The gates on the border open, hands are shaken, the flags are coming down.  Much ceremonial marching and cheering. Lots more spectators on the India side than the Pakistani side,
All of us went later to the Golden Temple. 
Gorgeous Sikh temple covered with gold.

We were able to go inside to see the gold inside, the beautiful colors of the decor and the holy book. Worth the long barefoot walk.

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