Friday, February 8, 2013


Friday the 8th we sight-see in Kolkata. First we go to Mother Teresa's Motherhouse.
Mother Teresa's tomb
We walk to the Kali Temple. There is a sook like area of shops outside the temple courtyard.

The food seller has his little boy with him. Over in the corner are food bowls made out of leaves pinned in a cone shape with a sharp piece of wood. Other leaf bowls and plates are pressed into bowl and plate shapes. Very green food service.

the tree planted by bird poop is growing out of the side of the house. People keep them and only cut them down if they threaten to destroy the house.

A goat was sacrificed for the Kali temple.

Over kill on this 8 foot high wall. Topped with broken glass, nails and spikes.

coconut water
William buys me a set of bracelets that signify a Bengali woman is married.
Me with the red and white shell braclets

in the shops


a dog just had puppies. Most dogs are strays.

a ritual first haircut for this boy

Chopping the coconut

have some
 The story about the temple location is that the goddess Kali was cut into pieces and where the pieces landed a temple was set up. Her toe landed here.

A Jain temple

On to the Victoria Memorial Museum. Very dusty exhibits inside shows a lack of a proper curator.
Victoria Memorial

Where some defeated British soldiers perished in the black hole of Calcutta 

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