Monday, February 18, 2013

Heading North in Thailand-Phitsanulok

Tonight we are in Phitsanulok, pronounced pizza new loak.  We are learning some Thai: Khob Koon Ka means "thank you" if you are a woman. Khob Koon Krap means "thank you" if you are a man. So guys are krap?  If a guy says the woman's version, they will think you are a "lady boy".

We met our guide May before 7 this morning and got off to an early start. Once we get out of Bangkok d for the Summer Palace. This Palace was built quite long ago and has not been used by the current king.  It is not far north of Bangkok to be cool, but the greenery is refreshing.

We did get to see the throne room and other rooms inside the palace, but no pictures there.

We traveled on through the country side. Lots of rice fields, sugar cane fields and banana trees. The area looks very prosperous. Large rice hullers with huge warehouses.  The fields are larger than in India and I see some large harvesters in barns.  Quite a few white cranes and a large beige heron with black tipped wings and tail.

We visit Wats, temples.  The famous Buddha head in a tree.
Some are old ruins and some are newer.

This gold plated Buddha was huge, about 17 meters high.
Our last stop was the monkey temple. A temple still in use has guards to keep the monkeys out. Across the street is an old temple where the monkeys play outside. We can go in and look out through the grills at the monkeys.
An old monkey carving at the door of the old temple.
Monkeys peer in the gratings at us inside.
These monkeys are well fed and have lots of babies.

We drive on to Phitsanulok and the hotel. Only making a wrong turn once. Ha.


foresterfrank said...

Are going to hit some local taverns to "Thai" one on?

Mimi said...

Miss you Frank. On our trip in India we had a fun guy from Texas who reminded me of you.