Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Valdez

Yesterday we drove around the area including over to the former town site.
The most impressive remnant was the foundation of the post office building. A nice brick building that had been dedicated only 2 years before the earthquake.  There are a few bricks that look like they are available as souvenirs.  We passed on the bricks.
We drove over to the oil terminal. No trespassing and certainly no tours. The fish hatchery is just waiting for fish. So not open now.
Since William's fish trip was cancelled due to high seas outside the sound, we just ran a few errands today. Went out to Peter Pan Seafood market to buy some fish.  This is a huge cannery that is just starting to gear up.
We have had lunch at most of the rated restaurants and cafes in Valdez. Our ratings: 1) THC Off the Hook, 2) The Harbor Cafe, 3) Mike's Palace, 4) Old Time Burgers and bringing up the rear 5) The Fat Mermaid.
Today we were at Mike's Palace. The ladies room is unusual. Heated toilet seats with a built in bidet.
Before dinner we walked up to the top of the hill above the convention center.  You can look down on this nice little town. I could live here except for the 8 months of winter and the 20 feet of snow.

There are still huge piles of snow in town, snow dump sites, that range from 20 to 30 feet high.
The snow took out the railing on the walkway.
We had a hysterical bit of post dinner entertainment.  We had finished our fresh Copper River Red Sockeye salmon with stir fry vegetables and were sipping a bit of wine when our new RV neighbors, a young couple from Texas decided to walk out on the rock jetty.
They got about 2/3 of the way out when the sea gulls ferociously attacked.  A few gulls are nesting in the rocks and all the gulls around defend the nests.  The same thing happened to Bill a few days ago. So we had a laugh at their expense as they beat a hasty retreat.  They were laughing when they passed our RV, so no harm.

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