Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Skagway to Haines

On our last day in Skagway we went to the Days of 98 show.  Before the show William posed on stage.

He really looked like he belonged back in 1898.  We had fun and highly recommend the show if you are ever in Skagway.
Too soon we drive onto the ferry for a very smooth glide across the water to Haines.  Goodbye to the cold wind and cruise ships of Skagway.
We settle down in a very small RV park next to the bay. Town is just around the corner.  Already we have met a fisherman from New Hampshire and a young man who lives on a boat in the harbor. He came from Fort Bragg.

This morning we set out to walk about town. The totem pole in front of the library has an amusing feature. Totem Carving for Dummies.
I got some craft supplies. This is an artsy town and I feel artistically inspired. We shall see what I do with embroidery thread and stiff canvas.

We spent the rest of the morning at the American Bald Eagle Foundation.  We like to spend time at interpretive educational displays. Did you know there are 5 colors of black bear? Black, brown, blonde, blue-black and white.
 Moose grow pretty big here
 Closer than I would ever get to a brown bear (grizzly)
 That wolf is giving William the eye
 Ravens, a very smart bird
Lynx, such soft looking paws

While we were finishing lunch at Fireweed we planned what we might do with the rest of the afternoon.  We find out that many venues will not open until next week, some not until June.  So we decide to grocery shop and come back to our little home.


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