Friday, May 25, 2012

From Liberty Falls to Valdez

We wanted to stay in the area around Chitina another day, so we drove from Kenny Lake to Chitina and onto the McCarthy Road where we had seen the Fish wheels laid out at the Copper River Campground.  You drive through the train wide Railroad cut in the mountain to start the road.
We head back to Chitina

  But at the river the glacier was kicking up a storm with the local weather.  Gale force winds were howling down the river kicking up a wall of dust.  We are not camping here.

A few miles back down the Edgerton Highway was Liberty Falls, a small campground next to a rushing waterfall.  We picked the nicest spot of the four and set up camp.  The big information board next to the bathroom was all about bears and I was a bit concerned being out here all by ourselves.  I needn't have worried. We hadn't been there 1/2 hour when the next campers showed up.  All the places were eventually filled.  We had a great time dancing by the fire. Dr. John is great fire dancing music.
Dancing to Dr. John

Add a glass of wine
On our way back out we stopped by Kenny Lake store to use the internet and check in the store for supplies which they did not have.  The older gal who is running the store today and I got to chatting.  She said that when she got the job it was with the condition that she had to wear a bra and her teeth whenever she was working.  

It was lunchtime when we stopped at the Tonsina River Lodge.  They serve Russian and American food.  We are always attracted by something different, so we had a Russian lunch.  I had some sort of boiled meat dumpling and William had some fried meat pies.  They were very good and we saved 1/2 for dinner.

On the way up to the pass we stop at the informational turnout at the Worthington Glacier.  This place has barely had the road plowed out and is not really open.  It is raining and only a bit of the toe of the glacier is visible.
The bathrooms are not open yet

The hat keeps off the rain

pretty rain shoes

What we can see of the glacier  is behind William.

A hole in the snow at the edge of the road reflects glacial blue.
The pass wasn't too bad, with rain rather than snow. We are parked for the week next to the harbor in Valdez.

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