Sunday, May 6, 2012

Further North More Wildlife

This morning started about 2AM when I got up to use the bathroom.  I saw the supermoon and pulled the upper passenger window curtains to have a good view.  William said it would have looked better low to the horizon, but there were too many trees.
We headed north out of Prince George B.C. on 97 and saw a lot of wildlife in the next 100 Kilometers.  We were looking at the snow on the side of the road and partially frozen lakes.  But thankfully kept an eye on the road.
First before Bear Lake we saw a small black bear, less than 2 years old,  who changed his mind about crossing the road when he saw us.  Not too long after we saw a moose about the same age as the bear who also turned back from the road.
Then there was a highway sign. Accident ahead, stop for flagman.  When we were waved past there was a twisted and burnt up RV that had been loaded on a flatbed.  You could still smell the smoke though the accident had obviously happened hours before. Some other workmen were shoveling ash? off of the roadway. This was on a straight stretch of highway.  Maybe the RV had swerved for an animal?
Four eyes were watching carefully for anything on or near the road.  Not long after we saw two caribou. One just stood in the roadway and another with antlers in velvet just loped across in front of us before they ambled off together.
Finally we got to Chetwynd.  I took this picture of a Sikh Temple that was right next to a grocery store we stopped at.
Tonight we are camped near Hudson's Hope.  The wine was purchased in Canada.  They don't let you bring much in.  This was not a great wine. Took two nights to finish it. Note the screw top.
This picture is looking across the Peace River at the bluffs where we are told elk often come to graze.  No elk now, but plenty of terracets on the hillsides that are evidence of their passage.

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