Friday, May 18, 2012

Haines Junction

I am here in the Laundry room at Kluane RV Kampground in Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada. The wifi only reaches this far.  Haines Junction has 800 permanent residents, but the only grocery store went OOB last year. The residents have to drive to Whitehorse, 200 miles round trip, to get groceries.  The RV park stocks nothing but chips and soda.  The manager said he would put in a full mini mart but the owner is too old and won't let him.

 Most of the trip from Haines was in a flat valley, but we went over two summits right out of Haines in near whiteout conditions again, similar to going over White Pass. At least the road was not frozen. The icy rain/snow was hitting a road that had warmed up in the sun and the steam from the road and the lowering clouds and precipitation made it almost impossible to see.  William slowed down.

Between the time change and the lack of pullouts we ate lunch about 4PM Canadian time.  We pulled over at a large road maintenance garage with a school bus next to it that appeared to have hit a moose.  The moose accident must have been a while ago as we saw no animals.

 Huge high mountains in front of the tiny Pleasure Way.
Another view of the mountains.

My cell phone is off line as I have had to turn off all data functions in Canada with the high Roaming charges.  We will be in Canada for a few days before we swing back into Alaska.

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