Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poised at the Border

May 3
We had to stop to get a leak in the gray water system fixed this AM. Luckily it was not too involved and we headed back up 97A to our next stop, the Rocky Reach Dam.  Only one lonely fish on the fish ladder.  But the Museum was interesting and very well done.  We stopped for lunch at a roadside cafe, the Apple Cup.  Always careful with the calories I opted for the veggie wrap and cup of soup.  The wrap was 90% shredded lettuce with a whiff of cream cheese.  William had the beef super burrito.  It looked like a tank on his plate.  He brought a chunk back.  We traveled through more semi arid country with apple orchards watered by river irrigation.  In Oroville we are staying at the River Oaks RV Resort.  After I did the laundry we took a hike around town before dinner. The weather continues to be cloudy and cold with misty rain.  The locals have said the springs recently have been much wetter than normal in this country that normally gets only 10 inches of rain per year.  Tomorrow we head into Canada. 

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