Monday, June 4, 2012

Williwaw Campground Portage Alaska

We went for a hike on the trail of Blue Ice, but the snow was not off yet.  Some places I really sunk in as we tried to keep going.

The mountains are amazing

Moose turds melted the snow.
The Chugash is the northernmost rain forest. So many different kinds of moss. The fiddlehead ferns were just popping up their curled heads. I would have gathered some, had I been able to google how to prepare them. A fisherman we met today at Ship Creek told me how they prepare them. Clean off the spores, cook and serve on salad.

Look at all the different kinds of moss.

Old man's beard, a hanging moss.

A lettuce looking moss.
More on the Trail of Blue Ice.

As close a picture of a glacier as I could take.
This wing of the campground had just been dug out in anticipation of the weekend rush of campers.  Some sites still had a foot or more of snow around the table and firepit.
The Pleasure Way peeks out from the snow
William decided people were speeding past, so he decided to knock down some snow into the road to slow them down.

Beating the snow to make it look like a natural mini avalanche.
The evening campfire with paparazzi
The weather was so lovely we stayed another night and went on a cruise to Portage Glacier.  This time of year the lake is not all the way unfrozen. So we get a lot of ice breaking adventures from our captain, Sean Connery.

It was a fun trip.  The deck hand George told me this is the only boat of its kind in the world. It is double hulled and in the winter they just let it freeze in the lake.  The boat designer just died this year, so there is going to be a ceremony for him later this month on the boat. They are going to scatter his ashes on the lake. They better be careful as it is WINDY!

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