Thursday, June 7, 2012

Anchorage Alaska

Monday, after William's dental appointment, we drove around Anchorage a bit and checked out the Coastal Trail. Powers that be want to get rid of or reroute a large chunk of the trail for airport expansion.

Today, June 5th, we are up and out semi early for a day at the Anchorage Museum. We are within walking distance from the museum down here at Ship Creek RV Park near the RR tracks.

The art here at the museum is mostly in the Goldilocks time frame for me. Just the right amount of romantic realism with a splash of impressionism. William and I both like it very much. We have bought combo tickets for the Museum and the Heritage Center. We will do the Heritage Center next month.

We catch two docent tours and then go back to enjoy the exhibits again. I like the use of pearl buttons as bead work.

 Lunch is at the upscale museum cafe.

We do the more modern exhibits on the top two floors after lunch. Mostly installations and photography. The wild plants and flowers all in white is a favorite of mine. William was impressed with the one about the food network. I think I did not read enough about it. Time to play in the Imaginarium before the show in the planetarium. The show is Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, with a very well done digital show.

Just a bit of time for the gift shop. I buy a book recommended by one of the docents, “Two Old Women.”

On the lawn in front of the museum we see some telescopes set up for the transit of Venus in front of the sun. I try a few times to see and finally see the spot of Venus on the sun.

William is happy that he saw the transit.

Since it is a sunny and lovely bright day even though it is moving on towards seven PM, we wander around down town a bit. I pet furs in a fur shop while William chats up the old native proprietor, or rather the old native proprietor chats up William. Finally we escape and find an Information Center. I escape the walls of brochures to snap a few pictures outside, including the Spirit Bridge.  

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