Thursday, June 21, 2012

Solstice Celebration

Last night we crossed the street to AJ's Steakhouse to listen to Hobo Jim. Great ballads all about Alaska.  It was heading on towards sunset as we headed back to the RV.
There was a bit of pink growing in the sky, so we got a cup of port and went to sit on a log overlooking the beach action. A number of groups are out celebrating the solstice.  Sunset here in Homer is just before midnight and sunrise is just after 4AM.  There is a long period of twilight and a bit of darkness. Further north in Fairbanks there is really no darkness at all.
Group one of celebrants

Group two with many celebrating dogs

Pink sky

A contrast with the headlands

Some celebrants decide to take a dip in the icy water

Dancing in a circle

At Midnight you can still see across the bay
We slept in and awoke to another bright sunny day in Homer.  Lovely location in the summer.

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