Sunday, June 10, 2012


On the road down to Seward from Anchorage we stopped at most of the pull outs with informational signs. This stop had a short trail out to a point where you could watch for Beluga whales. Little white whales that are fewer with each passing year.
Nootka lupine on a roadside bank
We are camping in Resurrection Campground. This is a city campground.
This is a rugged land.

The Pleasure Way looks out at Resurrection Bay.

The various city campgrounds, mostly along the bay, hold an enormous number of RV's. Many people from Anchorage come down here for two weeks at a time to fish for silver salmon. Did you know that Alaskans have the most RV's per capita of any state? Part of the reason for that is because it takes so long to go from one part of the state to another that people will just camp along the way. Another reason is that residents just like to go off to camp and hunt and fish.

We will be back in Seward for the mad press of the fourth of July. Some 30-40 thousand people cram into this small town for the festivities. One highlight is the Mt Marathon Run.

 William is pointing to the treacherous trail up the mountain that people run up and down in about 45 minutes.

We walked around Seward from the port at one end to the SeaLife Center at the other. 

Near the SeaLife Center is a marker where the Iditarod trail began from Seward before the RR was built.

The wind had picked up when we were walking back and I got thoroughly chilled. So I mixed up a batch of mulled wine with ingredients I had on hand. Pretty good. I felt warm after a couple of glasses.

Today, Saturday June 9th, we spent most of the day at the SeaLife Center.
 William at an outdoor balcony at the Center.

I finally found an affordable raven art print at the SeaLife gift shop. I will have it framed and hung in the living room at home. But it is too big to keep in the RV, so it goes home by priority mail.

The weather is nice. Cloudy, not too cool, not too windy, so we shop along the main street.

We happen upon a wall with lovely murals of stories about Raven. So I had to have pictures of them all. Raven!!!

Raven the creator

Raven releases the sun, moon and stars.

Fog Woman


foresterfrank said...

Great pictures. Is Bill going to run the trail?

Mimi said...

The trail looks horrendous. He is not even going to walk it. It looks like running up and down Mt Shasta.