Friday, June 15, 2012

Homer Post Two

Later yesterday the campground workmen put some cones around the broken electric post at site 87. 

 When I was wandering around the campground this AM I got in a conversation with an old man who told me about the sunken vessel in front of the spit. A landing vessel that normally takes cargo to villages that have no docks had begun taking on water last night. The Coast Guard brought them extra pumps, but the leak was too bad. Their sister vessel tried to get them into the harbor, but they were sinking fast so they ran aground.  The sister vessel took off their crew and cargo.
The grounded landing boat is the gray one. The sister boat next to it is blue and yellow.
The Harbor Master came out to see what was up.
Harbor Master

Harbor Master pulls up to the wreck

He goes on board to check things out.
William and I walk out for lunch. We stop for the obligatory picture in front of the Salty Dawg.
My Salty Dawg
After lunch at the Boardwalk Fish and Chips  and some shopping for just the perfect reindeer hide, we walk out to see what is up with the partially sunk lander.
The Harbor Master has had yellow caution rope strung around it and the sister vessel has removed all cargo and valuables from the vessel. They may try to repair it and pump it out enough at low tide to refloat it and bring it into the harbor at high tide.  We heard that a weld had failed from a retrofit.
The Harbor Master is leaving.

Yellow caution rope encircles the boat

Shows the relationship of the boat to the buildings on shore
We continue on down the beach to Lands End.
The sun is bright and you can see the far shore.  We will take a boat ride over to the far side one of these days to visit these little villages with no cars.
After I get back I work on the laundry.  Ben called me when he was getting ready for bed. We talked about how it was still broad daylight here and how it hardly ever gets dark here in the summer. Right now at almost 11PM it is still bright day. We have to close all the curtains to make it a bit dark to sleep.
When I get back from the laundry room the workmen are almost done repairing the electric post.  They had to do the repairs quickly as most of the RV spots are rented every night.  Fresh Halibut for dinner again. Tonight I put a fillet on top of a salad.  This is the life.


Mimi said...

I skipped William's fishing trip on Wednesday. He went out for a full day trip on a small charter boat. He caught a fifty pound halibut and a twenty pounder. He was sore and tired as they are hard to haul up from the bottom of the sea and the fifty pound fish fought. We had most of the fish frozen and sent to our daughter.

Mimi said...
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