Sunday, March 27, 2011


After a fairly leisurely drive we arrived at our RV site for today, Red Gate Farm. Although the office was open there was no one around. William left a note on our check in packet that we would be back before they closed up.
Off to Savannah. The problem is we have no map getting us from here to downtown Savannah. So William says lets just use the Navigator on the phone. Considering our vast success with it so far I am not so sure. But I input the address of the trolley tour company we want to go to. Problem right away. It just says searching for GPS. William does not like where it wants to send us anyway. After a bit of backtracking we finally approach downtown and miss a turn and almost go to South Carolina. We turn around on an island and after a couple more wrong turns arrive at the tour company.
The trolley takes us on a 90 minute tour of historical Savannah. 250 years of history. In the 50's the Savannah that Sherman thought worth saving was getting disheveled and historical buildings were being torn down for parking lots. A small group of women formed an historical society and began a mission to save the old city of Savannah. We are touring the city they saved. Savannah is an important port city, but it's number 2 industry is tourism.The Mercer/Williams House famous from the story, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Williams, who was accused of murder and who died in the house, has a sister who still lives there, but has it open for tours from 10-4 weekdays. Odd. William says to pay the taxes.
After the tour we get off in City Market and look for lunch. We found an excellent place in Cafe in the Market. I had an authentic local dish of blackened shrimp on grits with greens. William chose a crab cake sandwich, a crabby patty. But before we finished eating the thunderstorm blew in. Although we were under a covered porch, I had to move a bit because of the force of the rain and splashing.
The rain would wax and wane and we managed to get to our pick up spot. Back at the RV and again there is the fight with the Navigator on how to get back to Red Gate. She wants to put us up on the freeway and William wants surface streets. He takes us through some really interesting neighborhoods before he decides to listen and turn right. But the corner is flooding. A regular car barely makes it through. But we are higher and I want to leave this area. So I say to go for it. Finally we are headed back and make it home safely, other than me being quite wet as William had left my window down a bit for air and my seat was soaked.

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