Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last day in New Orleans

Crash! Boom! Bright flashes of lightning. Huge booming jolts of thunder and rain so heavy it was like being under a gushing faucet. The rain let off after a bit more than 1/2 hour but we were sitting in a lake. I put on my shower shoes to wade to the bathroom. We were going to town today and had to be ready at 9. I waded out barefoot and put my shoes on in the laundry room. Others were at least 7 inches deep around their RV's. The tents had it rough as the tent area became a huge lake. They were still drying their bedding on the fence when we came home this evening.
We were the only ones going in because of the storm.
We began and ended our day at the Riverpark, a nice promenade next to the mighty Mississippi. William posed for me next the the statue of immigrants.
I had heard a lot about the Aquarium of the Americas, but I think Monterey spoils you for any other Aquarium. They did have some good exhibits about the Mississippi and the Caribbean. I took a few good pictures of a penguin and a clown fish.
I thought they could have had a bigger exhibit on wetland restoration. But then the oil companies that pay for most of the exhibits would have had to pay for this and I am sure wetland restoration is not high on their agenda. There was already a bit of revisionism in evidence in the downplaying of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. According to the exhibit it caught fire and sank on the 22 of April, end of story. There was also an interesting exhibit on pirates. No mention of Somali pirates when they mentioned present day pirates.
After the aquarium we had lunch at the Red Fish Grill. Excellent 2 course lunch.
After lunch we took the Canal Street street car to the end of the line and looked around in an old cemetery. Greenwood Cemetery.After wandering in the cemetery for a while we headed back to Riverwalk just in time to hear the steam calliope on the river boat Natchez.

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