Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday in Florida

Back on the internet here at Carrabelle Beach, Florida.
From New Orleans we went to visit Destrehan Plantation. This old plantation was saved from being torn down by a dedicated historical society. Marathon Oil which owned most of the plantation land in the 50's was implicated in the destruction of more than one old plantation house. If you have saved one, why do you need more?A docent dressed in period costume lead the tour through the house which is furnished in regency furniture.After the tour another docent gave a talk about sugar making on the plantation. This was the copper kettle where the syrup boiling process was started.This plantation was also part of the 1811 slave revolt. The overseers house had an exhibit on the revolt that was inspired by the revolt in Haiti. The live oak in the front yard is 200 years old.
We traveled on miles of causeway over swampland.
We spent the night in Big Lagoon State park in Florida. Our stay was marred by some sort of short in our power supply. Our first clue was when our lights got very dim and the low voltage alarm started up. We were forced to go to bed early as there was enough power to keep the low voltage alarm from chirping like a high pitched cricket only if we turned out all the lights.
Observation tower at Big Lagoon.

We took scenic 98 to Carrabelle. That was mostly a good idea except for all the stoplights that were coordinated so that you had to stop at most every one. Panama City was the worst. They just need a bypass.
Pretty beach at Carrabelle, complete with sand fleas.

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