Friday, March 4, 2011

New Orleans

We took the shuttle bus in from KOA West New Orleans to get a taste of the city today. We started out at Cafe Du Monde for beignets. Richard had a box of beignet mix one time I was visiting and I tried my hand. My effort was not any where near the original.

Our walking tour next took us to the St Louis Cathedral Basilica, the oldest Catholic Cathedral in the United States. It was lovely, but the cathedrals of Europe have spoiled us for anything in the USA.

Next we went to the Louisiana State history museum. Did I mention it was raining? Off and on rain and wind, but the temperature was mild. I got tired in the history museum and began to just read bits. But it was impressive how the Louisiana territories bounced back and forth between France and Spain a number of times before being sold to the US 16 days after Spain had given the territory back to France. Napoleon wanted the money more than the territory and the US wanted to secure the Mississippi trade route. I was also impressed with the disease in this city in a swamp.
We rested with a leisurely lunch at The French Market. I had fried catfish on sweet potato fries with hush puppies and William had jambalaya. The meal was delicious.

More walking tour then back to the State Museum for the Katrina exhibit. Very powerful and so sad.
More walking and a drink before heading back to the old US Mint for the shuttle home.

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