Friday, March 18, 2011

Down the Keys

Up not too early to make coffee as we have to use the generator for the coffee machine and generators are 8AM-8PM.

A long drive down the keys. When we get to Marathon around 1PM we start looking for a restaurant for lunch. Porky's sounds good. But the turn off is too quick for the bumbling van. We get off at the next business but there is no parking at that commercial establishment. So we dart the van across highway 1 and park on the other side. Then we have to dart ourselves across highway 1. The waitress says sit anywhere you like. So we sit at a table next to the water that had not been cleaned off yet.

She is cleaning off other tables. We politely wait. Then she is taking an order from some people who sat down at a table she had cleaned. Enough is enough. William gets up and says what about us? She forgot about us and associated us with the glassware sitting in front of us. So she finally cleans off the table and takes our order. We were there over 1 ½ hours. We noted their usual service time seemed to be about 15 minutes from sitting down until you were served your food.. I think this is a nice funky local restaurant with good food. But if you do not assert yourself, the wait staff can forget about you. I had a Cuban style pork BBQ sandwich and William had grilled yellowtail. So I look up Porky's and we have the distinction of having been poorly served at a famous restaurant.
Our unique location has hosted famous Keys visitors since the 1950s - include such notables as Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Hoffa & Elizabeth Taylor.

As we are on the last leg of the trip we see the old abandoned RR bridge. Flagler's folly. The rails have all been taken up. It is discontinuous in places.
Plants are growing up in some places. One part has been made into a fishing pier.
I finally have an address to put in the Navigator on the phone. It feels fun, but I can tell William did not like the voice. Especially since she had only a few turns to talk about. We are here at Sugarloaf Key KOA for 2 nights. Tomorrow we will drive into Key West and spend the day.

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