Saturday, March 5, 2011

More New Orleans

Today was parades, rain and the Insectarium.

We rode the street car from the French Market to Canal Street, just to ride. We paid full fare and then read on the side of the fare box that seniors get a much reduced rate. Nothing said about being a resident of Louisiana either. We walked down St. Charles a block or two until we came to some viewing stands built over the street. We went in to Sergio's Po-Boy Deli and were told that you buy your way on and that also gives you access to the bathroom. So, why not. The parade was a long parade by the Tucks Krewe associated with Loyola. Some of the bigger floats did have the edginess that we had hoped for. There were floats making fun of Farmville, Viagra, breast enhancement, Twitter,, etc.None of the floats were any where near as elaborate as the ones that we saw in Viareggio. The Viareggio floats were as elaborate as those in the Rose Parade, but with very edgy themes. No goody, goody stuff.
By now it was pouring rain and it was hard to take pictures from under an umbrella while trying to keep the camera dry and still shout for beads and prizes. By the end of the parade I looked as if I had been thrown in the river and fished back out. But we had about 20 lbs. of beads and prizes.
We went back down into Sergio's to get fresh beers, dry off, and finish the one Muffuletta Sandwich with Olive Salad we had bought there earlier. That is one big sandwich.
After we were semi recovered, we went a block back down to Canal St. to the Insectarium, a neat museum all about insects. We finished up the day with a drink while waiting for the shuttle bus.

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