Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More new old friends

We are in Lawrenceville Georgia. This was a travel day with a long drive, for us, from Savannah to Atlanta. We were ready for a break after a morning of heavy rain. We were ready for a rest stop, but it is temporarily closed. At least with an RV any place off the highway can be a rest stop. But there is no place to stop to make a sandwich, so we head for a Shoneys. I had never heard of this chain. The menu says since 1947. No buffet for us as we are having dinner with friends tonight. Had a great visit with Ray and Lori. Since she is finally retired as of today and have a son in california, they promise to visit.

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robbin said...

It's a beautiful day finally in Redding, yesterday and today! Praying for clear skies for you two. Just stay safe and have some fun. Maybe find a lux hotel for a night with spa, etc. Shoney's chain, been there a few times. I did like the pones (hush puppies) there. The South rose again only fatter. :>)