Friday, April 12, 2013


We are heading over Lewis Pass to the north coast of the South Island to Motueka. Lots of tree farms like we saw on the Arthur's Pass road. Patch cuts planted with pine and grown to what William calls “pecker pole” size. In one spot on the Arthur's pass road we saw a problem with monoculture plantings with 15- to 25-year-old trees. The trees were dead in contiguous patches. William says this indicated an insect problem. No problem here on the Lewis Pass side. I see a sign “Kenhu Farm Forestry”.
Messy clear cut

Nice rows

corn row forestry
100% planting success

Some odd shaped patch cuts

 Some New Zealand birds have adapted to pine forests, others not so much.

We see a few more road-kill possums. The bird that preys on the road kill is the Australasian Harrier, not the New Zealand Falcon.

We see lots of rock wrens fluttering up from the road. It has rained a bit, so they may be looking for water or bugs.

We stop at the St James Walkway at the Boyle Homestead and walk a ways.
remains of the Boyle house

A touch of fall color

looks like snow

Lettuce looking lichen or epiphyte

lots of evidence of rabbits on the flat
 I see a pied fantail, but cannot get a picture. William got to see them later in the day when a group of them fluttered in front of our chalet porch. They almost look like they use their tail as a third wing.

Sand flies get in the car. good thing the map works well at swatting them. They are only the size of gnats. But they bite hard.

This is the second time I have seen the safety sign “Stop DIDYMO”. Mr Google says it is a type of algae also known as “rock snot” that has been found on Some South Island rivers and the NZ government is trying to stop the spread.

Mostly pasture, but still a few beet fields. All I can say is New Zealanders love them some beets.

We stop at Maruia Falls the same time as the Tasman District Council who are doing a drive about of the district.

Tasman District Council poses for their photographer
 Motueka is really an area that grows a wide variety of crops. Apples, pears, grapes, hops, even some citrus and avocados.
We see a sign that says apple pickers wanted.
Rainbow over the sheep

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