Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fox Glacier to Hokitika

In the Fox Glacier parking lot I get my chance to photograph a Jucy camper van. Jucy is a huge company in New Zealand. They rent camper vans and cars and do tours and cruises, Somehow I think the name would not go over big in the USA with its combination of puritanism and political correctness.

Grandpa spots a rock that says BEN was here. Really?

We spot our first ranger, a metal cutout.

Then we actually spot a real ranger repairing a fence. He says he will soon be extinct. Hmm?

Lots of nice shots of Fox Glacier. Its dirty toe and the black sand remind me of the sand in Barrow, Alaska.
You can barely make out a group of people on the glacier with a guide, near the middle of the picture.
We get a nice shot of Mt. Cook, which was discovered from this west side.

At Franz Joseph Glacier we just walk to Peter's Pool, a kettle lake discovered by Peter Westland in 1894 when he was out camping by himself at age 9. The tomtit's are swooping around on the other side of the pool and two ducks fly over.

We stop by Ross and do a drive through tour of the gold fields. We are very familiar with the progression of gold mining from streams to hydraulic mining and dredging to hard rock mining.

Our last stop today is the Hokitika Museum. Lots of the town history. This building was a library donated by Andrew Carnegie. It was in disrepair and was scheduled to be bulldozed when the historical society saved it, repaired it and made it into a museum.

William is looking for a greenstone (pounamu) pendant. So we look in a few stores and will continue tomorrow.

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