Sunday, April 7, 2013


Balloons rise over Lake Wakatipu as we get ready to leave.

Arrowtown, pronounced by one host as “Eretun”, is a great place to spend a morning. We head to the museum first. The Queen Mother visited here once. The museum has many corners and two levels. Quite a lot for a very small town.
The large moa were the largest bird ever

Downstairs in the town replica I follow the sign
and open the door on this guy who says to leave him alone

The fabric art exhibit was gorgeous. Too bad no photos allowed. Even though there is video surveillance, one piece was stolen. The thief was caught. A 75 year old woman tourist from England. She threw the piece in a rubbish bin as the police closed in on her. The thought is that she was not all together. The prosecution is on going.

We then head down to the Chinese Quarter. This area is on the edge of the river and is a park now. The Chinese suffered the same as in other areas. After they were invited to come at the end of the gold rush, they were discriminated against and eventually were charged a prohibitive tax to come.

This larger building was the Chinese Store.

We take the high road past some ski areas over the mountain to Wanaka 

where we have another high up room with a balcony.

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