Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Wet Day in Turangi

April 21
Although it rained heavily most of the night, it seems to only be lightly raining today. The children on vacation are still playing in the pool. So maybe we can go on some short walks and look around the area after morning tea.
We drive to the Hot Springs and walk around on the Thermal Walk. There are boiling pools, bubbling mud and steam vents.

As we are heading back there is what looks like a car park with an open gate at the end. Looks like there used to be a path across an open area, but cracks have opened up. William heads over and out a path on the other side.

 He comes back behind me and takes me to an area that looks like it is not part of the park.  Looks like it has private usage.
There are covered vents steaming behind me.

 We had read that the Maori used to use the hot springs for cooking and here comes an older Maori with a basket of food. Mostly looks to be kumara (sweet potatoes). He says he is going to cook them there.  Says it saves on the power. Reminds me of the bird eggs I had in Thailand, cooked in a hot volcanic vent.

We drive around more heading to the edge of Lake Taupo. There are black swans on the lake.
Lake Taupo is huge. This is just a tiny bay.
We see a sign warning about pukeko on the road.

 This is a likely habitat for pukeko as the end of the lake shows on the map as quite swampy.  And there they are on the edge of the road. It looks like they are digging up worms.
Showing the white under their tails.

They just duck into the reeds as we drive closer.
The rain gets harder, so we decide to go back to our apartment to learn how to operate the DVD player.

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