Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hanmer Springs

April 10th
We left Hokitika for a drive over the mountain from west side to east side. We stopped to get gas and my eye was caught by this display. My grandmother used to have a coal burning stove in her house.

We went over the mountain via Arthur's Pass. This used to be a killer with rock slides, but they have tamed the worst parts with a viaduct.
On the road we saw this different arrangement. Instead of the water going under the road in a culvert it flows over the road.

We then head back up into the hills to Hanmer Springs. Hot springs.

April 11th
We spend most of the day at the hot springs. They have quite a variety of pools at varying temperatures. The hottest does not feel as hot as advertised, 40 degrees C to 42 degrees C. That would be 104 degrees F to 107 degrees F. I get a spa pedicure.

Small birds flit around. They are New Zealand Rock Wrens. Usually they hang out on rocky slopes looking for bugs. Looks like they are looking for crumbs now. They are known for having big feet for their size. I guess so.

Looks like rain for tomorrow. Good thing we were at the hot springs today.

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