Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lake Taupo Walk

April 25
Today is Anzac Day, a holiday like Memorial Day in Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.  The grocery store is open part of the day, but most everything else is shut down. I wonder if the Burger King is charging the 15% extra that most restaurants charge for being open on National Holidays. Most restaurants are just closed.
The volcanoes are still shrouded in clouds with rain and gale force winds.
So we go for a walk on the edge of Lake Taupo at Kuratau.
Lake Taupo

Kuratau River
All these ducks swim down the Kuratau River. The way they approached us they were used to being fed.  There were 2 pair of endangered blue ducks, some brown ducks and a pair of white farm ducks.
Blue Duck
Cabbage tree. Apparently the young sprouts are edible.

Lake Taupo looked quite blue here. Lake Taupo is about the same size as Lake Tahoe and is quite clear. There is also a keep Taupo Blue movement.
The beach is covered with pumice. This rock was liquid froth when it came out of the volcano. When it cooled it was still filled with tiny bubbles. So it floats. The lake has broken it up into pebbles.
I couldn't resist writing Ben and Axel. Here the pumice is ground fine and sifted over the black  sand made from finely ground basalt rock.
A big rainbow to end the day.

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