Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Traveling North: Prince Edward Island

On our way to PEI we take the scenic coastal drive which is completely shrouded in fog. You can barely see the Cape Enrage Lighthouse. This is when you need a lighthouse.
Cape Enrage Lighthouse
Further on on New Brunswick 915  out of the fog, right before the intersection with 114 there is a shoe tree.

shoe tree
I like the Anglican Church in Riverside-Albert on 114.

 There are a lot of covered bridges around. We see another visible from the road.

Sawmill Creek Bridge est 1905
The Hopewell Rocks are huge and amazing. At low tide you can walk among them on the sandy rocks.
Looking down from the stairs
The rocks look like sentinels, faces, castles and caves. It is like a natural Easter Island

The wind was strong enough through some places that it almost was enough to blow you over.
The bay here is chocolate with mud. It is known as the Chocolate River even though it is just part of the Bay of Fundy.
Chocolate River
We cross over to Prince Edward Island on the about 8 mile long Confederation Bridge. It was like being on the bridge down in the Florida Keys.
Confederation Bridge
I wanted to go to the Green Gables Heritage Place while we were here. I was introduced to the Anne books by Grandma Nettie, my dad's stepmother. She had fallen and broken her arm. So at 12 I was nominated to travel from California to Illinois on the train to help her that summer. She had an old copy of Anne of Green Gables on her bookshelf. She let me read it and keep it. Thus began my love of the Anne books. I did not know the book was first published in 1908. The stories were modeled on locations here on PEI.
William and the buggy

The house was her cousins

Me at Green Gables
 Prince Edward Island. Blue of the sky and sea. Red of the cliffs and earth. Emerald of the trees and grass.

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