Thursday, September 25, 2014

Traveling Around Prince Edward Island

Although the weather has been lovely, cool and windy, but sunny, this is the off season. Camping rates are cheaper and the PEI National Park ticket kiosks are buttoned up. We take for free, drives that cost a bunch and are crowded with people in the summer. Some attractions are closed down. We don't get to go to the water park or the amusement park. We will also miss indoor black light mini golf. Darn. Ha ha.
We stop and look at the ocean views and informative signs. The Island has French, English, Scots and Irish heritage. The Irish must have been poor as usual. My Irish dander gets up at references to Irish this or that. A picture of a man harvesting seaweed with a horse pulling a rake is labeled as Irish Moss harvesting. Bah! Right up there with Irish Lace. There is of course lovely Irish lace. The derogatory meaning was as raggedy or frayed edges of a slip or curtain. Maybe I took offence at Irish Moss too soon. Although the eating of this seaweed was common during the Irish Potato Famine, it seems to have many uses in foods as an emulsifying agent and for the clarification of beer.
The lovely PEI coast. X marks the spot.

Birds on the red rocks.

I really like these red Canadian Adirondack chairs at the picnic spots. 

Dining at Dalvay by the Sea 

Dalvay by the Sea

Dalvay by the Sea is a very upscale resort at the east end of the island. The meals are very tasty and pretty reasonable. Tour bus groups are not welcome to come inside.
At Cornwall/Charlottetown KOA. Yes, it's windy.
Earlier this year the Charlottetown Festival production of  Anne of Green Gables: The Musical was officially acknowledged as the longest running annual musical theater production in the world. This year was the 50th summer the show was in production.
Matthew, Anne and Marilla
As soon as I heard that there was a show, I wanted to go. We got to go to the last show of the season. The theater is a huge affair in downtown Charlottetown, The Confederation Centre of  the Arts, Homburg Theatre seating 1,102. The downstairs was pretty much full. Maybe they sell in the balcony in the summer. 

We don't often go out in the evening. Getting back and parking in the dark and all that. Plus the fact that by 9:30 we may be reading in bed. We were out until 10:45! But the show was certainly worth it. This is a Canadian, professional theater production. Around the world there are many long running annual productions that are thoroughly professional and excellent and produced for the tourist trade and sentimental locals. We have been to South Pacific in Australia. And the fabulous Palm Springs Follies unfortunately closed now. 

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