Monday, September 15, 2014

Traveling East to Maine

About Amish Country, although the buggies on the road are cute and the horses are fast high steppers, there is not a lot to see here.
Unless you want to take a buggy ride or shop for Amish furniture or quilts, The little shops are full of tchotchkes not locally made. Made in India or China.

There were lots of nagging and strange road signs in Pennsylvania. Don't Tailgate.
Also lots of extra curve signs. Every other one includes the suggested speed limit. Also lots of red light cameras. Hope some of them are dummies.
Also spotted some deer crossing signs with red noses on the deer.

At Delaware Water Gap Park I spot a Smokey Bear sign with Low fire danger. Probably they have mislaid the ones that say high fire danger. We can tell we're not in California. Many new bad fires break out every day.
I see so many place names ending in kill I know it must mean something. Comes from the Dutch meaning water channel or riverbed. Bushkill, Raymondkill, Fishkill, Peekskill.
We stayed at Kettletown State Park. This is a no alcohol park. We laid low.

Bath shipyards

Bath in Maine has lots of old ship captains houses.

Bath Chocolate Church

No big trucks here on highway 1. The overpasses are too low. We fit. The road is kind of torn up. Probably from winter chains.

Down the road is the first of many flea markets. Junk as entertainment since 1977. We stop at this one and give the others a pass.

Lunch at Claws in Rockport
Verona Island Bridge
old house
I had to get a picture off the web of the Verona Island Bridge as I couldn't get a good one.

 I spotted this old house along the road. It looks like it is in the process of falling down.

Bar Harbor (Bah Habah)
We are now at Acadia National Park. Lots of shuttle buses here. So tomorrow the plan is to ride as many as we can.

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