Monday, September 1, 2014

Traveling East: Litchfield

Both my parents grew up in Litchfield. So here we are visiting for a few days.
A family luncheon was scheduled for Sunday the 31st.
Family came from near and far. From around the corner, Springfield, Chicago area and Indiana.  It also happened to be the 51st wedding anniversary of a special cousin.
Another cousin arranged for the cake and flowers.

After 3 hours of chat and a little eating we left to spend another 2 hours with Aunt Ruth.
I have enjoyed riding around town. Picking out the old route 66 signs and the old train station where my sister and I got off the Wabash train. We were going to spend the summer here. My job at 12 was to assist Grandma Nettie who had broken her arm.  My sister had to come because normally I would have been her baby sitter. She spent the summer with Aunt Ruth and her family.
Monday we headed over to the other side of the family and visited with Aunt Alice and her family, more cousins. We had a couple of great meals including some fantastic homemade German sausage, then dashed back to the RV park to set back up before the rain. It is currently pouring with much thunder and lightning.

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