Thursday, September 18, 2014

Traveling East: Acadia

Acadia National Park is lovely. Some people come here in May and stay until the season in over near the end of October. We have a view of the Bay of Maine.
The rusty leaves on the ground in the field in front of us hide a few of the remains of this years crop of wild blueberries. We are scavengers so we pick a few.
Wild Blueberries and the Bay of Maine

We drive along the park loop road in a light rain. On warmer days people often play in the water at sand beach. But the water is seldom above 50 degrees. 
Sand Beach

We walk among the rocks at low tide and then go to the top of Cadillac Mountain. At 1530 feet it is the highest spot on the eastern seaboard.
The Old Man in the Granite blocks

Top of Cadillac Mountain
We took a walk on the nature trail before we have lunch at the Jordan Pond House. 
William and Bubbles
These are called the Bubbles, North Bubble and South Bubble. For sure.

The Jordan Pond House
Lunch has to include warm popovers with butter and strawberry jam. I just had a cup of soup and hot tea, so I could fully enjoy the popovers.
On the trails you frequently see these trail markers put up long ago.

Another day we walked around Bar Harbor. At least we went on a day when there was only one cruise ship in town. We first went to the local Native American Museum. 
Abbe Museum

Agamont Park 

Whoopie Pies
My impression from Bar Harbor is that people in Maine like Whoopie Pies and puns.


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