Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Traveling East: Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia

On the 2nd we made another vehicle repair stop. Another new front tire and a lube and oil change. The left front tire had a broken belt inside. So in Alaska we replaced the two back tires and since Alaska we replaced the front two. It was that last bad road to visit that last glacier that I blame.
On the last part of the highway in Illinois we were amused by the antics of a drunk or disgruntled highway crew. They had obliterated the lane markings and replaced them with drunken markings almost in the middle of the left lane!
This went on for miles and miles.
In Indiana we spent all afternoon in Boonville visiting with cousin Jim and his wife Nancy. They were wonderful to visit with and their house is charming. Nancy just happened to have a delicious cake made for our visit.
We spent the night not far away in Scales Lake Park.
As we speed east we see more and more trees and fewer fields. The land gets hillier as we head into Kentucky. The highway construction is exasperating. The right lane may be blocked for 20 miles at a time for one small stripe painting machine. Another 20 miles for a bit of minor edge repaving. Another 20 miles for some work on the other side of the huge grass median. Another 20 miles for a back hoe cleaning a ditch.  They just figure what they will do in a month and block it all off at once.  Hard on the driver.
We have stopped for the night not far into West Virginia, the wild and wonderful state. Tomorrow we will slow down to stop and tourist a bit.

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Pooks said...

Almost to the east coast! That was fast. Loving to hear all the details here :)