Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Voting vs Voting

Republicans: Voter suppression, caging of voters, misinformation to voters, purging of voter rolls, problems with touch screen machines owned by Republican companies, challenges of voters, blocking of democratic phone lines, intimidation of voters, less voting resources in Democratic areas, increasing restrictions on types of ID required to vote heading back to Jim Crow poll tax days. Challenging voters. Poor ballot design. Potential for millions of votes lost. Enough to change an election.

Democrats: Some poorly paid registration workers fraudulently filled out voter registration forms which were required to be turned in but were flagged as incorrect forms. No people were going to show up to vote as Micky Mouse, but a huge deal is being made about this as if the Democrats were going to steal the election. What kind of a problem is voter fraud? Over a period of 4 years 80 people were convicted of voter fraud and very few of these were actually people voting fraudulently. Hardly enough to change an election.

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