Friday, October 31, 2008


If you thought that the melamine crisis in the US ended with dog food, you are wrong. It is in any food or food ingredient imported from China. Though experts say that there is not enough melamine in foods to hurt an adult, what about an old dog. We thought that the cheap canned food that we bought Teddy as a supplementary treat was OK, but we have discovered that she has only 25% kidney function left. We will have to have her put to sleep before we head to Texas, as we cannot leave her to die with the pet sitter. Eat no processed food. I don't think any of is safe.
Though China has vowed to boost inspections for melamine contamination, it will be difficult to monitor the countless small, illegally operating manufacturers found across the country, other experts said.

"It could take five or even 10 years" before some companies stop adding the chemical to food products, said Yan, of the U.S. Grains Council.

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