Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Calling for Charlie

Worked this morning on the phone bank for Charlie Brown for Congress. Wearing my Charlie Brown t-shirt. The work was much better today. Instead of calling Republicans we were calling Decline to State voters and leaving nice short messages on the machines of those who did not answer.
I had no bad reactions from people I did talk to, even those who were going to vote for McClintock, who I just found out has been endorsed by the KKK in the recent past. Nice.

The tree cutters are going to be out tomorrow to get a head start on the felling due to start on Monday. Hard to think that we will have about 10K board feet taken out and will have to pay much and get little for these prime pine and cedar saw logs. PGE is looking to take down the three trees on the side lot near the street that we had left off our application to the city. PGE has noticed that those trees are a hazard to the road and power lines. Sorry that this includes the bent oak that was a favorite of Val's. Wm has a hard hat for me, if I want to go out and see what they are doing.

We are planning the first yard sale this weekend. I am going to put up the treadle sewing machine and the two old school desks, but at fairly high prices. So we shall see. Plus lots of other stuff. Wm says he will help.

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