Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bold Foreign Policy

In addition to the domestic policy wants I have previously outlined, I would like to see some bold changes on the foreign policy front.
1. Make friends with Cuba. Why? Cuba now has proven oil reserves as large as our own that are more easily accessible. Offer access to up to date drilling equipment and technology in return for selling to us. Also we always need another vacation spot. Kiss off those 2-3oo anti Castro ex-Cubans in Miami. They are Republicans anyway.
2. Besides closing Gitmo and getting our troops out of Iraq, lets really reduce our troops in lots of other countries--Japan, Germany and lots of other places we don't even know about. Reducing our Imperialistic footprint is not closing ourselves off to the rest of the world, it is not trying to have dominion over the rest of the world.
3. No Missile Defense Shield in Poland and other eastern block countries. Work out more cooperative and sensible policies toward and with Russia. No poking the Bear.
4. Spend some of the money saved on clean water projects everywhere, especially in Africa. This is a cheap way to make friends.
5. Put some brain power to work on the problem that is the failed state of Somalia.
6. Put lots of brain power to work on the Palestinian problem and put real pressure on the Israelis to cooperate.

Just a few ideas for starts.

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